The long journey to end poverty begins with a child.

No One Children Can Thrive on an Empty Stomach

Our Causes

Bring people together who care about a cause so that they can make a difference.
  • School

    We have set up this year also continue the school for community development for kids to give good education. This year we got 35 childrens admissions. Two Teachers and one helper to look after. We have purchased good quality books for oxford university. It will help easy learning. Purchased toys and other playing equipments to play and learn. This has created a lot of interest among the children and parents and the community has appreciated our efforts in this subject.
  • Tailoring Class

    The second batch started with 10 ladies and girls in this year. The course for months with the help of one teacher. The course begin with hand work to machine stiching. After finishing the course we will provided the tailoring machine and certificate. After finishing the course Some of them working in garment factory others they will stiching at there houses. This will help to run there family.
  • Free Tution Centre

    In the tution centre we have 80 childrens attending tution from 5:00pm to 7:00pm every day with the help of two teachers well qualified teachers. The childrens are studying well and scoring good marks in there studies. We will supplying some of the notes and other studying materials to help to study well.
  • Medical Camp

    We have set up a medical camp for the community people through the help of some hospital around 80 people comprising men and women and children were benefited through the programme. They provided free medicines and complete check up. This will help for community poor living people
  • Give Them Home

    No one chooses to live homelessly. It’s a complex range of issues that drive people to live on the streets. Charities recognize the need to solve the individual’s immediate problems and tackle more significant societal issues that lead to homelessness.
  • Give Them Opportunities

    Opportunity For Children seeks to improve the conditions of children and adolescents who don’t have a home and have been abandoned by creating opportunities and providing them with nutritious food, health-care, quality education, and life-skills training in order to promote sustainable development and help these individuals contribute to society in a significant and lasting way.
Our Story
Who are we?

Our vision is to empower our children with timeless tools and preventative wellness solutions that invoke the body's own natural healing and wellness response. Inspiration, hope and peace are natural states of being and it is our passionate desire to increase awareness of the life-enhancing benefits of Ascension Frequency Entrainment and harness the positive life affirming possibilities that are the highest expression of the human spirit.

Our Story

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Our Charity has a long schedule of fascinating and deeply creative events, all to boost your serenity! Visit our Charity and meet dozens of new friends, all of whom follow the “love thy neighbor” principle! Altogether, we guarantee you that after becoming a part of our acceptive and loving community there will be so much more light in your life!






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Saravanan M Treasurer

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We seek to unlock the possibility

The main ways are by providing direct help, giving information, or raising awareness of an issue


We seek to drive change on large scale

Generosity for its own sake creates a more compassionate, community-focused world


We are focused on results

Human rights are not something anyone should have to earn. These rights include the right to life, education, work, and free speech.


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