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Where it all began

How are We?

The Foundation is a nonpartisan, private charitable foundation that advances ideas and supports institutions to promote a better world.

Tackling Poverty

Ending poverty requires action from every part of society. And as a business we have a key role to play, from protecting lives in a crisis to using our size and scale to encourage systemic change.

Make Big Impact

A purposeful life has an important role in impacting society positively. Your purpose will help you channel the right energy to make the right impact on society.

Unite The Society

When millions upon millions of people unite across the world with compassion, vision and common sense, it will call upon divinity to reveal itself on earth.

Our Value

Community centers

Members of a community tend to gather for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes.

Data-driven approach

We believe that only through valuing our differences and similarities, and remaining vigilant in advancing equity, will we be able to maintain an equitable workplace and actively pursue equity in all aspects of our work.

Focused support

Struggling with focus or any other skill can take a toll on a child’s self-esteem. Praising child’s hard work to improve focus. Point out even small improvements. And letting them to know that focus skills can get better.

Where the money goes

A charity’s aims have to fall into categories that the law says are charitable. These are things like preventing or relieving poverty, or advancing the arts, culture, heritage or science.
Charities can’t make profits. All the money they raise has to go towards achieving their aims. A charity can’t have owners or shareholders who benefit from it.

It has to be established exclusively for what is known as public benefit, That means its only purpose must be charitable.

Want to get involved?

Join our hands and stand against the poverty, inabilities.


When you give to charity, you can make an impact on the world around you — and a charitable trust could help you continue to give long after you are gone. It's also one way to put your plans for giving to good work.


We're tremendously grateful for all of our sponsors' support. If you are too, then please be thank them when you share your Abundant life on social media. It means a lot to them, and helps us get more sponsors to support all of our miles.


A Trust is the obligation or responsibility placed on one in whom confidence or authority is place; it is a confidence reposed in a person by conveying to him the legal title to property which he is to hold for the benefit of others.